by Bessie Le Doux

When the pain I have is hard for me–

I think of my Lord in all His pain

as He hung upon that tree!

My thoughts of God so oft return–

the price of salvation

was not to be spurned–

How He raised Jesus

from the dead–and

how God made Him our glorious head! To

do the Lord’s will is my

desire–His faith

has set my faith on fire.






by Bessie Le Doux

Here I am without one plea,

sorry lacking in sincerity.

My soul is troubled, and not at ease,

I know my walk does not please.

Things look bad, but it isn’t

reason to be sad.

The Lord for my sins has paid–all of them

at His feet I laid.

He has forgiven them one and all–

only by believing His Word I recall.

So my friend if you wish a life

with Christ in eternity–

Believe the Word,

and it’s a certainty!





By Frank Le Doux

By the Cross, by the Cross and the
Proclamation of its merits through
Paul, I am saved!

I am saved! I am saved by the
Cross of the Lord Jesus Christ,
And the proclamation of His
Finished work through Paul!

For through Paul did God declare
His finished work of redemption for
Sinners!  In whereby I am saved!
Praise The Lord!

Through Paul was made known the
Dear cost of God the Father,
In the shed blood of His dear Son,
For my redemption!

Through Paul did God make known
The inheritance I have in His Son
And He in me by virtue of His Grace
To the praise of His Glory!